OT1Co-Ordinated Landscapes believes the success of any project relies heavily on management and individuals within a project team. A commitment to successful project outcomes and the broad experience of our Project Managers and Site Foremen provide the backbone of our landscape construction team. The skills base and commitment to quality workmanship of our construction team is further complemented by our field staff of qualified tradesmen/leading hands, labourers and apprentices.

Carl Small General Manager info@col.com.au 02 9545 5611
Tony Beslich Construction Manager info@col.com.au 02 9545 5611
Ellyse Turner Business Development
Design Manager
eturner@col.com.au 02 9545 5611
Col Brennan Security enquiries info@col.com.au 02 9545 5611

All estimating enquiries should be emailed to enquiries@col.com.au