Bald Hill Reserve Stage 2B

A challenging design with numerous different pavement treatments, mosaic walls, custom pre-cast concrete works, custom seating elements and an additional carpark, Co-Ordinated Landscapes was successful in their tender to Wollongong City Council. Council’s upgrade to the iconic Bald Hill Reserve involved specialist services and sewer work including directional drilling approximately 350 vertical metres down the escarpment to facilitate the new kiosk and toilet facility.


An important requirement of the project was access and scheduling works in order for pedestrians, cars and bikes to continue their use of the carpark facilities throughout the duration of the works. A key component to our tender was our approach to the staging of works to reduce the impact on all visitors to the site.


The numerous changes to the toilet block and kiosk in design meant we had to be flexible and ensure good communication.  The furniture elements were also a challenge as they were pre-cast and we had to ensure that the high standard of quality was met. We also assisted in working with the supplier to quality control relevant lifting plugs that were installed as part of the process to ensure ease of offloading and installation due to their weight.


As part of the works, the surrounds to an existing memorial to Sir Lawrence Hargrave – the father of flight – were upgraded and a ramp and handrail now ensure access for all visitors as well as providing an additional viewing platform to enjoy the stunning views to the South Coast.


Photos taken by Simon Wood Photography