Gledswood Hills Reserve

Keeping with the Sekisui House overarching philosophy “Love of Humanity”.
Gledswood Hills Reserve encapsulates two the key traditional Japanese planning/design themes and adapts them to the Australian environment.
1. Satoyama “the ribbons of green that bring us together”
2. Michi “all daily activities can be enriched by good spatial design with quality details”


The six-hectare reserve compliments an outstanding living environment, elevating the experiential nature of the area and ensures a resilient development for the future.


The reserve offers varied experiences including elements of enclosure, openness, shade, sunshine, texture, sound and scent. Not forgetting the reserves origins, the existing park/golf course character is ever present, offering added interest through structures level changes.  It was important to retain existing trees, while planting new.  The rain garden is a visible and functional treatment for storm water.


A rich pedestrian experience was achieved by the implementation of interpretive and educational elements and places for rest. The pathways/cycleways allow for contemplation and interaction.


The three fitness stations are purposely placed throughout the park to encourage exercise and form a circuit.  The multi-courts and Insitu concrete skate boxes and concrete area cater for all ages to skate/scoot and play ball games.

Beautifully structured all ability amenities building  and shade structures are positioned in the middle and bottom of the reserve.


Bespoke furniture is featured throughout park to create identity and quality.
Toddler (0-4 years) & Childrens (5 – 12 years) playground offers curious fun whilst enhancing motor skills.

Other works included to achieve end result
Earthworks & Soil Management, Drainage, Irrigation, Retaining Walls, Stonework
Lighting & Electrical, Fencing, Handrails, Soft landscaping.

For a birds eye view watch: