The Paddocks, Parramatta Park

Parramatta Park Trust (the Trust) engaged McGregor Coxall Landscape Architects to design a unique and exciting new area within Parramatta Park.  Co-Ordinated Landscapes was Head Contractor.


Being in Parramatta Park, a place of significant cultural importance and World Heritage Listed, the site sensitivity provided many challenges to design a large scale interactive and fun playground whilst still touching the ground lightly and minimising excavation.


Co-Ordinated Landscapes worked very closely with the client and landscape architect to overcome issues and redesigns, while offering construction advice, methodology and efficiencies.


Works included the installation of a bespoke playground, associated pathways and shade structures. The playground is composed of a series of 6 large galvanised steel rings, a deck structure, a custom elephant slide and purpose built flying fox.  The steel rings contain a variety of bespoke and proprietary play elements either in sand or soft fall rubber surfacing  with pathways surrounding the play areas.  The planting palette is comprised of Cumberland Plain Woodland species and is designed to maintain sight lines into and out of the Precinct.


Through both formal and informal landscaping elements, the works support the continued growth of Parramatta Park as a key destination for Western Sydney.