Wylde Mountain Bike Track & Toilet Block

A critical element of the Western Sydney Parkland Trust (WSPT) open tender for the mountain bike track carpark and surrounding infrastructure was the co-ordination and management of several other large trades including the shelters and the mountain bike trail builder.


Co-Ordinated Landscapes were successful in the tender process and worked with Group GSA and other specialists to develop original concept images for the feature coreten walls, the steel mesh decks and the entry gates. This process required design meeting, concept drawings and shop drawings presented for client approval.  The end result was a comprehensive functional space with some key specialised elements, creating a unique precinct facilitating the activities of mountain bikers and their families.


Elements included the coordination, design and construction of, 3 tiered carparks, sculptural folded coreten walls, gabion walls, custom galvanised steel decks and bridges, bollards, bike racks & furniture, entry signage and soft landscaping.


Co-Ordinated Landscapes worked alongside the Mountain Bike track designer and the core-ten shelter fabricators who were contracted directly to WSPT, to ensure wherever possible efficiencies were found and communication was maintained for the benefit of the overall project.


Co-Ordinated Landscape separate tender for the amenities building was successful.  The separate contract included the installation of a toilet block similar to the sculptural structures already provided over the existing shelters, an irrigation system, septic tank system, access ramp and surrounding planting. The client was responsible for electrical.