Blaxland Riverside Park Stage 3

Co-Ordinated Landscapes was the Head Contractor for this project, managing numerous sub-contracts for the various elements.

The co-ordination of the subcontractors, management to critical time-frames, along with the maintenance of our high standard of quality were essential to the success of the project.


Elements include,

  • The impressive 11m high Tree house,  providing a unique series of rooms, bridges and play-spaces for kids and adults alike.
  • The large scale water-play area with plant room.  Complex in its design, provides engaging play experiences for numerous children at the same time.
  • The impressive kiosk amenities building with petal shapes roof structure.
  • Interactive playground for young children to teenagers was designed to compliment existing services with its proximity to cycle ways and picnic areas.
  • Other elements include terraced landscaped areas, pre-cast concrete walls, in-situ concrete walls, seating, planting and pavements.


Located alongside the Parramatta River within the Sydney Olympic Parklands, Blaxland Riverside Park provides various activities for visitors to the Parklands and has become an iconic destination for families in the ever growing Sydney Basin.