Lithgow Adventure Playground

Designed to be a premier recreation facility, the playground is centrally located and links to the cycle/walking paths into the main Lithgow precinct.  The playground incorporates universal access principles including all accessible pathways, facilities and amenities, as well as contrasting colour and texture in materials to aid navigation.


The concept design for the playground was daring. Designed by award-winning playground designer Ric McConaghy in collaboration with Justin Staggard Pty Ltd.  Ric references Lithgow’s story, past and present throughout the playground…
• The Wiradjuri Indigenous mob, with artwork, plants (food source) and humpy.
• Coal history, from the dark retaining wall leading you down from the car park to the large coal mining tower (play equipment), old coal carriage seat and old coal skip.
• ANZAC small arms factory – ANZAC symbols featured in the park.
• River system – Water based area symbolises the shape of the two creeks.
• Rail – The carousel symbolises the historic train turn table.
• Lithgow’s rock formation called the Lost City (Pagoda structures) are designed as climbing structures within the park.
• Wollemi Pine – A paved area is an interpretation of the Wollemi Pine leaf (The pines were found 60km from Lithgow).


Other features include the double mouse wheel, flying fox, climbing walls, wheel-up sandpit, water-play features and make your own cubby (humpy).  Auslan Panels, educate  visitors about sign language and are featured with playground creatives.  The creative  critters and small creatures (eel, spider, snails, ant and many more) were designed by Ric and the local blacksmith, creating a sense excitement, curiosity and wonder.


Other works included retaining walls, garden works, friendship circle (firepit), bespoke giant goanna, playground equipment, softfall, turfing, mulching, BBQ’s, seating, giant basket swing, carousel, picnic shelters, ramps as well as increased tree covering.


The most humbling feedback has been from a Lithgow Pilot Program (Mothers Group & Aged Care Facility) Sharing time together at the Adventure Park. Highlighting the importance of Inter-generational Play.